Kustom Orders

Please submit your kustom orders down below in the contact form: 

Please tell us what Kustomization you would like in the comment section: 

1. Please tell the name of the earrings set you would like to Kustomize. 

2. What color would you like the base to be? 

- (We recommend using a color that will help stones pop, if you need help deciding please put "need help on base "  or "use your best judgment for base" and we will decide for you!) 
3.  What colors would you like the stones to be? 
4. If you would like to change the post type to a clip on or dangly please let us know (all Kustom and Klassic earrings come with a post). 
5. For Corey or Rolly orders ONLY: 
- email us a photo of your animal you would like Kustomized to kaceyjohnsonkustomdesigns@gmail.com

After you fill out the order request, we will reach out to confirm we have received your order and obtain payment. Please feel free to Contact us at kaceyjohnsonkustomdesigns@gmail.com  for immediate questions or concerns. 


I would like to Kustom Order a set of the Tiffany earrings, with a pink base, with rose and champagne stones, with a clip on post. My event is _____,  So I will need them by _____. Please let me know if this is doable. 

Kustom Order FAQ's:

Kustom Order Pricing

All Kustom orders follow the same pricing chart: 

- we start off with the base price (see earring options on website for base prices) 

- Adding more than one stone- $5

 - Changing the post to a clip on or dangly - $5

 For Corey or Rolly Earrings: - It is $15 extra on top of the base prices to have your own animal kustomized! 

For Corey or Rolly Kustoms:

If you are ordering a Corey or Rolly earring please email us a photo that we can use for reference to kaceyjohnsonkustomdesigns@gmail.com

Kustom Order Time Frame

Date requirements: Kustom Orders usually take 2-3 weeks for you to receive them. Please email us or let us know in the comments if you have any time requirements or need them sooner and we will try our best to accommodate! 

Kustom Order Policies

Kustom Order Policies: 

- No returns or exchanges

 - We will send you a photo/video of your earrings for approval before we send them out. 

- We guarantee all stone work and backing, if a stone is to come off we will replace it free of charge. Just pay to ship it to us and we will pay to ship it back! 

- If you have any questions regarding our terms/policies please let us know in the questions and comments section below! 

By filling out the request form, you are stating that you understand and agree to our policies.

Kustom Order Request Form: