Get To Know KaCey Johnson Kustom Designs

Get To Know KaCey Johnson Kustom Designs

KaCey Johnson Kustom Designs: Demand Double Takes

At KaCey Johnson Kustom Designs, we believe everyone should feel like royalty - without sacrificing comfort or safety. That's why owner and designer KaCey Johnson started handcrafting hypoallergenic and light weight jewelry. 

KaCey's passion for sparkle began when her daughter developed a serious nickel allergy. They struggled to find the perfect bling for school, rodeos, and pageants that wouldn't cause painful reactions. So Kacey, a lifelong sparkle lover, decided to make her own elegant and allergy-friendly designs.

Soon, word spread about KaCey's stunning creations. Friends, family, and the local rodeo community started requesting custom pieces. KaCey officially launched her business last year and has grown tremendously in the last month! 

Today, KaCey continues to hand-pick every stone and source only hypoallergenic materials. Her right-hand woman and best friend,Tiffany, expertly manages behind-the-scenes details as Royal Advisor. KaCey's eldest daughter Maryah handles website design and social media. Her youngest daughter, Kartyr, is her mini assistant and helps come up with designs and keep operations fun! Kacey and Tiffany's daughters both model KaCey's latest collections as well! 

KaCey Johnson Kustom Designs has also began an ambassador program for those who love to sparkle! If you or anyone you know would be interested in sharing KaCey Johnson Kustom Designs, please contact us! 

At KaCey Johnson Kustom Designs, celebrating sparkle is a family affair. Our made-to-order pieces are perfect for rodeo queens, dance recitals, pageants, horsemanship, and everyday wear. We love creating special memories with special pieces - so everyone can feel like royalty. 

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